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Standard Maps

Many of the requests that come to GIS, both internal and external, are for
standard maps such as zoning,
general plan, street maps, various district
boundaries, etc..
GIS has created a map repository that allows those without
full GIS on their desktop, or those
with limited time / mapping skills, the ability
to print and plot frequently used maps as they need them.

The maps are in the Adobe PDF file type, in a tabloid (11x17) format, but
they can be printed at
whatever size necessary simply by choosing a different
paper size (and printer if necessary).
Most maps are relatively small in size
(less than 1mb) and can be emailed quite easily. The naming
pattern of the
maps should be self-explanatory.

Some of the maps in the repository will be updated regularly, some will not.
date of the PDF file will tell you when the map was last updated.

The links below will open the requested map(s) in a new browser window
to be
viewed or printed. A digital copy can be obtained by right-clicking on
the map title below and then the "Save Target As"

Note: Individual departments and divisions are responsible for providing G.I.S. with current datasets.
Information shown reflects most recent data provided.

* Denotes recently added or updated map

2000 Census Tracts & Block Groups
AED Locations
Aerial Photo - City Limits

Aerial Photo - NE Quad
Aerial Photo - NW Quad

Aerial Photo - SE Quad

Aerial Photo - SW Quad

Airport Zone 


Bus Routes & Stops
CDBG Boundaries

Central Business District Parking Zone Map
Circulation Element

City Facilities
City Limits

County of Tulare
Design Districts

Fire Stations & Response Areas
General Plan / Land-Use (11x17) 
General Plan / Land-Use (24x36) 
Historical District & Local Registry
Historical TAOC Pipeline Alignment - Abandoned
Industrial Park
LAFCO - Sphere of Influence
Northeast District
Parcels - NE Quad 
Parcels - NW Quad 
Parcels - SE Quad 
Parcels - SW Quad 
Parks & Recreation Facilities
PBID Boundaries & Downtown Visalians
Police - Beats, Reporting Districts, Service Sectors & Supervisor Areas
Population & Urban Area Boundaries
Public Parking Lots - Downtown Area
Redevelopment Districts
Sanitary Sewer - NE Quad

Sanitary Sewer - NW Quad

Sanitary Sewer - SE Quad

Sanitary Sewer - SW Quad

Solid Waste Route Schedule - Refuse
Specific Plans
Storm Drain, Basins & Culverts - NE Quad

Storm Drain, Basins & Culverts - NW Quad

Storm Drain, Basins & Culverts - SE Quad

Storm Drain, Basins & Culverts - NW Quad

Street Index Map (24x36)
Street Sweeping Schedule
Targeted Tax Area

Visalia Schools
Washington - Oval Neighborhoods
Yard Waste Route Schedule - Green
Zoning - NE Quad 
Zoning - NW Quad 
Zoning - SE Quad 
Zoning - SW Quad 
Zoning Designations (11x17) 
Zoning Designations (24x36)

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