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Survey / CADD

The following guidelines shall be followed by consultants preparing plans for construction within the City of Visalia street right of way:

  • Drawings shall be setup to State Plane Coordinates (NAD83, Zone IV, US Foot).
  • All elevations shall be on the City Benchmark System currently based on USGS NGVD 29 datum. One City Benchmark shall be used to define the entire benchmark system for each project.
  • All CAD drawings shall be submitted to the City in AutoCAD version 2014 format or a lower version that will be compatible with version 2014.
  • Layering shall be done using a format similar to AEC CAD Standard format. All Existing layers shall start with the same letter (example “V”) and all proposed layers shall start with the same letter (example “C”).
  • The description column in the Layer Properties Manager shall be filled out for each layer.
  • The text and linework on all plans shall be legible/readable when the plans are printed on an 11” x 17” reduced size page (50% plan reduction set).
  • Plans shall be 24” x 36” (ARCH D), with approximate borders of 2” on the left side, 1” on the right side, and 1.5” on the top and bottom sides. Plans shall be reproducible at 1/2 scale on an 11” x 17” sheet.
  • Title Block used on plans shall be as approved by the City. At a minimum all title block information shall be located on the far right side of the sheet. Each sheet shall have an appropriate subtitle in the title block that notes what information is on the sheet (example “Grading Plan”). Page number and total number of pages shall be near the bottom right corner of the title block.
  • Signed Construction Plans shall be submitted on 24” x 36” bond, unbound.
  • Construction Plans shall not include aerial photographs.
  •  All plans shall show street centerline stationing on each sheet.
  • All street plan and profile drawings shall show the street plan view on the top half of the sheet and the street profile view on the bottom half of the sheet (where underground utilities are being constructed or where the road profile is required to facilitate construction activities).
  • The Topographic survey data shall be shown faded and in the background of all sheets that show proposed improvements.  All topo information shall be plan readable.
  • In general all plans shall be at an appropriate scale and orientation and shall be submitted as required by the City of Visalia. The plans shall contain sufficient detail to adequately direct construction activities.

Please contact Jason Huckleberry at (559) 713-4259 with any questions.

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