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The First Three Letters in Workplace Safety are

It's not a cliche - it's a true statement

Too often people point a finger at their boss or their employer in general and say that someone else is responsible for their safety on-the-job.  While it is true that our boss must provide us with safety training, personal protective equipment, and the time to perform our job safely, our safety on-the-job is really a personal commitment and responsibility.

Every employee here at the City of Visalia, irrespective of their job title, has a personal and professional responsibility to maintain the safest, healthiest, and most accident free environment that we can possibly manage.  That's why I'm here.  I'm here to assist each and every one of us, in what must be our common goal, to go home to our families uninjured and well every day.

The City can give us the best training, the best personal protective equipment, and the resources to do our work, but we must each have a personal commitment to maintain safe workplaces for ourselves, our co-workers, and the residents we provide services to.

You can help make this goal a reality by:

  • Taking your safety program seriously
  • Performing your work in accordance with all of the safety training you have been provided
  • Reinforcing safe work practices with your co-workers and leaders
  • Asking questions when you are unsure
  • Offering suggestions when you believe you have a safer way to perform a task
  • Reporting conditions or processes you think may be unsafe

The City's safety program is YOUR safety program.  Every aspect of its function is to keep you well and our City a safe place to live and work.

If you want to contact me, my telephone number is (559) 713-4260 and my email is
angie.zimmermann@ci.visalia.ca.us or you may click on the email link below.

See you out there!

Angie Zimmermann,  City Safety Officer


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