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Visalia Air Quality

Air Quality        


What is air pollution?
The air we breathe contains many impurities, ranging from smoke that comes from open fires to invisible gases emitted by the tailpipes of cars. These and other pollutants affect human health, damage fragile ecosystems, reduce visibility, and even damage property. They also have profound impacts on climate.

How does City of Visalia monitor air quality?
Since 1976, we have worked with the State of California to operate a comprehensive system of monitors to measure the affects of population growth, energy production and increased transportation on air quality in the region. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved equipment and procedures are used to measure significant pollutants

How can we tell if the air is clean and healthy to breathe?
The EPA has given us standards and guidelines to help us figure that out. The EPA has a list of pollutants that can be harmful if we breathe them and they have established levels, or standards, for each of these pollutants that should not be exceeded. These standards are referred to as National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). The Central Valley region is working to be attainment with NAAQS for all EPA criteria air quality pollutants - carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, particulate matter and sulfur dioxide.

Visalia's daily particulate count and ozone levels

Daily Air Quality

Do you know a Valley student from kindergarten through high school age who loves to create? Help them showcase their work in the annual Healthy Air Living Kids’ Calendar! The deadline for entries is Monday, Oct. 6 for the annual, four-color, bilingual, wall calendar, produced with the help of Valley students who illustrate the ways we can live healthy air lives, with accompanying clean-air messages. Twenty-thousand copies are printed and distributed free of charge to schools, community groups, healthcare facilities, churches and nonprofit organizations throughout the Valley.  Click on Healthy Air Living Calendar for more information. 

Clean Green Yard Machine
The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District is currently accepting applications for its Clean Green Yard Machines (CGYM) Rebate Program which provides incentives for Valley residents to replace their old gas lawn mowers in favor of nonpolluting electric lawn mowers. For more information please review the program guidelines and application by clicking here.

What is City of Visalia doing to reduce pollutants?
  • Compressed Natural Gas Facility
  • Natural Gas Transit and Solid Waste Fleet
  • The City of Visalia was one of the first to endorse the Cool Cities Initiative in America, cities,counties and states are launching an exciting grassroots movement to help solve one of our country’s most pressing problems: global warming.  The strategies that Visalia and other Cool Cities are pursuing fall under three categories: Cleaner Vehicles, Energy Efficiency, and Renewable Energy.

Every one of these local solutions is already saving taxpayer dollars and improving public health by reducing energy,waste and pollution.

Reference for wood burning days 

The Burn Cleaner Program is offered to help Valley residents upgrade their current wood-burning devices and open fireplaces to natural or propane gas devices, or clean pellet devices to alleviate the problem of particulates, which are a significant problem during the fall and winter months.  Click on Burn Cleaner to visit the San Joaquin Valley Air Polluiton Control Disitic's web page to learn more about the program.

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