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Power$mart Checklist

Purchase Energy Efficient Energy Star products for your home
High efficiency furnace/air conditioner or heat pump
Programmable thermostat
Double pane windows with low-e coatings
Compact and othe fluorescent light bulbs
Energy efficient refrigerator
Dishwasher that saves water and energy
Clothes dryer with moisture sensor
Efficient home office equipment and electronics
Insulate attic, exterior walls, basement, and creawl spaces
Replace dangerous, inefficient halogen torchiere lamp with Energy Star qualified torchiere
Certified Energy Star Home

Low Cost Home Improvements
Replace furnace and air conditioning filters monthly
Caulk between window /door frames and walls
Weatherstrip between doors and frames
Add storm windows or use plastic film kits to improve single-pane windows
Insulate hot water heater
Install motion sensors, dimmers, and timers for indoor and outdoor lighting
Plant trees to shelter your home from the elements
Install ceiling or other fans to cut down on air conditioning costs

No Cost Energy Conscious Behaviors
Clean Furnace and air conditioner filters
Turn off lights when you leave a room
Use sunlight for light and heat whenever practical
Match pot size to burner size and keep the lid on it
Set hot water heater no higher than 120 degrees F
Do laundry in cold water
Use Energy Star qualified computer sleep feature
Turn off electronics when not in use
Close blinds or shades in summer
Do full loads in dishwashers, clothes washers, and dryers
Hang your clothes out to dry
Keep your car tuned up and its tires properly inflated











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