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Household Hazardous Waste

You can find hazardous materials in almost every home, from paint and stain to fertilizers and pesticides. While they are helpful, the real problem comes in trying to safely dispose of them. Throwing such items down the drain or sending them to landfills is not good for the wastewater system or the environment.

The City of Visalia/Tulare County Household Chemical Waste Collection facility located at 335 North Cain Ave provides a safe and convenient place to discard environmentally-harmful materials free of charge. The facility is open year round on Saturdays from 8AM to 1PM, and from 7AM to 12 noon on quarterly Dump-On-Us days. Please call 713-4531 or click on the HHW Brochure to find
out what can and can't be accepted as hazardous materials.

Local Resources
Orchard Supply Hardware recycles compact fluorescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes
Home Depot recycles compact fluorescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes
Lowes recycles compact fluorescent bulbs

The following items are NOT accepted at the Visalia Household Hazardous Waste
Collection Center:

Ammunition - Call (559) 713-4250
Appliances - (See Appliance information below Compressed Gas(Butane, lighters, propane cylinders, etc.) Propane tanks - exchange for new or take to propane company for disposal.
Electronic-Waste - (See E-Waste information on the recycling link.)
Explosives (ammunition and fireworks). Call...713-4250
Radioactive Waste (smoke detectors)
Televisions (See E-Waste information on the recycling link.)
Business, Industrial, or Agricultural Wastes - Contact a licensed hazardous-waste contractor

Propane Tanks
The best advice is to exchange the container for a new one. If you cannot exchange the old tank for a new one, BS&E and other companies, that sell natural gas, accept this size tank as well as other sizes. The company can appropriately empty the remaining gas and dispose of the container. There may be a minimal cost involved. Please call these companies before you visit them.
According to EPA, propane tanks should never be thrown in the trash, they can explode. Tulare County landfill will accept tanks without valves. The tank is metal and is recyclable...can be accepted at the Dump on Us events as long as there is not valve.

Home-Generated Medical Sharps Drop Off
Visalia collects home-generated medical sharps at each of its quarterly Dump On Us events hosted at the City of Visalia Corporation Yard (335 N. Can St.)  Dump On Us events are held each January, April, July and October.  Medical sharps include needles, syringes and lancets.  All Sharps must be placed in an approved sharps container.  Limit of 24, 1.4 liter sharps containers (or equivalent) per person.  No drugs or medicines accepted.  Service is limited to City of Visalia residents only.  For more information on the Home-Generated Medical Sharps Drop Off program please click on Sharps.

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