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Water Conservation

Why Should I Conserve Water?

Water conservation is the most cost-effective and environmentally sound way to reduce our demand for water. This stretches our supplies farther, and protects our natural resources. The City of Visalia receives one hundred percent of its water from groundwater. If we do not conserve and protect our most precious and limited resource, water will rapidly become scarce and expensive. Using less water also puts less pressure on our sewage treatment facilities, and uses less energy for water heating. To learn more click on the City of Visalia's Residential & Commercial Watering Regulations which went into effect on April 17th, 2014. 

The UCCE Master Gardeners of Tulare & Kings Counties are hosting a Water Conservation Workshop on October 11th from 9am to noon at St. Johns Riverwalk (Ben Maddox & St. Johns River).  Come on out and learn tips and tricks on how to adapt your garden and lawn for less water use.  For more information please click on
Water Workshop

Supervised testing, adjusting, or repairing of irrigation systems is allowed any time for no more than five (5) minutes per station with official City of Visalia signage notifying the public of the testing.

Interested is saving money and water?  Consider replacing your lawn with a low-water use garden. You can help to conserve more by reducing the amount of lawn you have, planting low-water use plants and trees, installing a drip irrigation system or adding a weather based smart controller.  To learn more click on Visalia’s Low-Water Use Demonstration Gardens to find the perfect trees, shrubs, plants and flowers for your landscape. 

Selecting the right plants is essential in designing a landscape that promotes water conservation. The plants included in the "Creating A Low-Water Use Landscape" brochure are California natives or are water-wise, which means they require a minimal amount of water to thrive in the Central Valley.  For inspiration, visit Visalia Water Wise Gardening. Take a Garden Tour or view the Garden Gallery for ideas on how to incorporate a variety of low-water-use plants in your garden. The Tulare/Kings Master Gardeners Plant Guide is another great resource. 

Low water gardening is an alternative way of gardening that reduces water use.  It doesn't mean ripping out your lawn and replacing it with gravel and cactus.  Instead, it refers to applying low water principals in your landscape plan, including choosing low water use plants, using wood chips in your beds to reduce evaporation, adding compost to your solid to improve water capacity, and using sensible watering practices. 
The Visalia Environmental Committee is now recognizing local landscapes that demonstrate a meaningful reduction in outdoor water use.  Visalia residents and businesses interested in applying are encouraged to click on Visalia's Low-Water Use Landscape Design Award and complete the following questions with as much information as you have available. Attach photos and other informational materials as applicable.

What do
I need to plant during a drought?
Your spring garden can be drought-tolerant and beautiful at the same time with help from California Water Service Company's Water-Wise Gardening Tips.
Click here and find all you need to know for Water-wise gardening in Visalia.

Cal Water Service Company
Cal Water is committed to supporting conservation efforts as part of their plan to provide a reliable water supply.  Conserving water is easy to do. Cal Water also sponsor education and plumbing retrofit programs to help customers use water wisely. Click on conservation to learn easy ways to conserve water, both indoors and out, and get other conservation information. Here, you can also find out how to get free water-saving plumbing fixtures and residential and commercial rebates for water-saving devices.

Cal Water also offers
conservation kits featuring a range of water-saving plumbing retrofit fixtures.  The kits are available at no charge to help make conserving water that much easier. 

What can you do?
There are many effective ways to conserve water in and around your home. Look through the following links for ideas and tips that will work for you:
Save Our Water          H2OHouse       Cal Water Conservation Tips

Effective April 17, 2014, the City of Visalia is in a Mandatory Stage 4 of the Water Conservation Ordinance enabling the City to preserve the underground water supply we have for our community.

Please do your part to conserve water by following the mandatory watering requirements that apply to all properties in the city boundaries.

  • Use water efficient plants in your yard. In addition to the water savings you will see there are a number of other benefits that come with water efficient landscaping. They include reduced fertilizer and chemical use, less weed growth, less energy use, less water runoff and reduced maintenance. Click on water efficient plants list  to view a list of plants perfect for Visalia's climate.
  • Please check your sprinklers (on your watering day) for any broken pipes or sprinkler heads needing adjustment. We also recommend that you review your sprinkler timer to see if it needs replacing the battery and the time is correct. (Batteries should be checked every 6 months when changing to daylight savings and back).
  • Slopes can be challenging because of the potential for erosion and runoff.  If slopes cannot be avoided in landscape design, install plantings with deeper root zones such as native ground covers and shrubs to provide stabilization and prevent erosion.
  • Turfgrass receives the highest percentage of irrigation water in traditional landscaping.  To reduce your outdoor water use, plant turfgrass only where it has a practical function, such as a play area.  Choose turf grass types that don't use a lot of water.  Select low-water-use or native grasses and those that can withstand drought.

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