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The Property Crimes Unit investigates vehicle burglaries, residential burglaries, commercial burglaries, & theft-related crimes such as construction site theft.

Vehicle burglaries are the most common type of burglary the Visalia Police Department investigates.  Many of these burglaries & thefts are attributed to unsecured vehicles.

During anytime of the year (especially the Holiday Season), it is extremely important to be aware of the potential for crime. Here are some basic safety tips to assist in preventing you from becoming a victim of a crime:

  • Do not leave valuables such as electronic equipment, gifts or packages visible inside the passenger area of your vehicle. Secure these items in the truck of your vehicle.  
  •  Always lock and secure the doors and windows of your vehicle, even if it is left unattended for a short time.
  • Park in a well-lit area or where there is plenty of pedestrian traffic.
  • Install an alarm system.

    Residential burglaries  generally occur during the day time hours when residents are not at home.  Suspects generally attempt to locate an open window or an unlocked door.  It is not uncommon for suspects to break a window or door to make entry into a residence.  Most of the residences that are burglarized are not alarmed.  Here are some basic tips to prevent your home from being burglarized:

    • Lock all doors & windows prior to leaving your residence.
    • Leave the lights on in your home if you are going to be gone for an extended period of time.
    • Have a neighbor or family member collect your mail and newspapers to prevent them from compiling in your driveway and mailbox.
    • Install an alarm & set it when you leave your residence.
    • Ask a neighbor or family member to check on your home when you leave for extended periods of time.

    Commercial burglaries  generally occur during the evening hours.  These crimes are often planned, and the suspect may have done some amount of surveillance on the business.  Here are some tips to assist in preventing your business from being burglarized:

    • Install an alarm
    • Be aware of persons who enter your business repetitively and look around & do not purchase any merchandise.  
    • Do not allow customers in your storage rooms or any other locations that store merchandise that is not on display.  
    • Keep your business well lit.  Install motion lights if necessary.  
    • Install video surveillance both inside & outside of your business.

    Construction site thefts often occur in suburban areas where construction growth has been high.  The types of equipment most frequently stolen (in order) are as follows:

    1. Skid Steers
    2. Backhoe Loaders / Skip Loaders / Wheel Loaders / Track Loaders
    3. Generators / Air Compressors / Welders
    4. Light Utility / Work Trucks & Trailers
    5. Forklifts / Scissor Lifts
    6. Dump Trucks
    7. Light Towers
    8. Mini Excavators

    States with the highest construction site theft rates:

    1. California
    2. Florida
    3. Texas
    4. Arizona
    5. Georgia / Nevada
    6. Maryland / New Jersey
    7. North Carolina
    8. New York / Pennsylvania
    9. Illinois
    10. Colorado / Louisiana

    Construction site thefts can occur anytime during the day or after hours when the equipment is left at a job site. Prevention methods to deter this type of crime from occurring are as follows:

    • Label all equipment with Product Identification Numbers (PIN), Owner Applied Number (OAN), & consider marking the numbers in multiple locations on the equipment.
    • Keep accurate inventory records.  Record manufacturer, serial number, model number, year, PIN & purchase date for each piece of equipment.
    • Consider registering your equipment with a national database. 
    • When possible, fence in your equipment and/or use security guards.
    • Park equipment close together & in a circle, if feasible, with smaller pieces in the center; chain small equipment to large equipment.
    • Communicate with law enforcement. Request patrols, especially in known high theft areas.

    Always be aware of your surroundings & take the necessary steps to protect yourself, family members & valuables.

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