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Court & Subpoena Services Unit


The philosophy of the Court and Subpoena Services Unit is to maintain open lines of communication between the Police Department and  various factions of the justice system; to uphold a close collaboration with principal staff of the District Attorney’s Office, the Public Defender, County Courts & other allied agencies & elements of the city, county, & state judicial systems.


It is the responsibility of the Unit to coordinate all case complaints for presentation to the District Attorney & allied agencies within the criminal justice system.  The Unit also coordinates court appearances for members of the Department, including notification to attorneys of officers on call, pre-court date call-offs to officers, & absence of officers to court when necessary.


The Court & Subpoena Services Unit processes approximately 6,000 subpoenas each year from all different venues that are served on the officers / employees of the Visalia Police Department. The Unit has the responsibility of processing the subpoenas within the Police Department & with the Clerk of the Courts. 

An additional function of the Unit is to process all requests for further information from the District Attorney’s Office & see that the requested information is returned in a timely manner, so as not to delay the pursuance of filings on criminal cases.  

Tasks that the Court & Subpoena Services Unit oversees includes:  

  • Processing subpoenas for all employees of the Visalia Police Department
  • Filing decisions on cases
  • Traffic Court and Pre-Trial preparation
  • Phone communications
  • Correspondence to all agencies of the judicial system
  • Processing requests for further information from the District Attorney's Office
  • Overseeing the accumulation and dispersing of arrest packages to the appropriate courts

For assistance, please contact:

Judy Morgan-Ronding, DA Liaison
(559) 713-4079

Alice Bejarano, DA Liaison Assistant

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