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Streets Division


As you drive through the streets of Visalia this summer you will likely encounter street work being done.  Summer time is the prime time for many different street surface applications and the City of Visalia will be busy improving our city streets. 

What will you see:

        *    MAJOR OVERLAYS
- This project is under the direction of Steve Weatherly, Civil Engineer, City of Visalia.  More detailed information can be found by visiting the Engineering Department page.

            Major Street Overlays Project Press Release

        *    RECLAMITE - This project is under the direction of Norm Goldstrom, Public Works Manager, City of Visalia.
            Reclamite rejuvenating agent is formulated from petroleum maltenes to prolong the life of asphalt pavements.  It provides a simple, one-step method for restoring and preserving plasticity and durability.

            Have more questions?  Visit our FAQ section or check out the documents below.

                Reclamite General Information
                Reclamite Brochure
                Reclamite MSDS Sheet
                2014 Reclamite Project City Map

                2014 Reclamite Project 1 - Completed

                2014 Reclamite Project 2
                2014 Reclamite Project 2 - Area 2 Map
                -- Detailed Street Listing

                 2014 Reclamite Project 3 - Completed   

                2014 Reclamite Lighting & Landscape Project
                2014 Reclamite L&L Project Map
                 -- Detailed Street Listing

        *    CAPE SEAL - This project is under the direction of Norm Goldstrom, Public Works Manager, City of Visalia.

            Cape Seal is the combination of two pavement surface treatments, resulting when you lay a chip seal followed by micro surfacing on top.  Cape seals are used when the pavement deterioration is greater than what micro surfacing or slurry seal can correct alone, but the pavement does not yet require a more expensive asphalt overlay.  Cape seals are used on streets and highways.  When modified, they can extend pavement life upwards of 10 years, depending on conditions.

            Have more questions?  Visit our FAQ section or check out the documents below.

            Presentation by Steve Olsen of University of California at Berkeley
            2014 Cape Seal Project City Map
            2014 Cape Seal Project Micro Surfacing Color-coded Map
            2014 Cape Seal Main Press Release
            2014 Cape Seal  - Chip Seal Street Listing
            2014 Cape Seal - Micro Surfacing Street Listing

  • Street Sweeping - City streets are swept every Month. Download a copy of the  Street Sweeping map, Residential Sweeping Service Lookup or call Public Works (559) 713-4428.
  • Street Rehabilitation includes a preventative maintenance program that identifies Visalia streets that are in relatively good condition but may need minor repair work.
  • Pavement Management - This program focuses on residential streets in need of major repair and restoration.

If you have a street maintenance issue, please contact Streets Division at (559) 713-4428.

Below you will find a list of Scheduled work and Press Release Projects.  All work is subject to change without notice.  Weather and Emergencies will take priority.

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