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FAQ's & Tips for Riding
Why do I have to book Sequoia Shuttle reservations?
  • The Sequoia Shuttle operates on a relatively tight schedule. Road construction along the Generals Highway limits the shuttle to once an hour. Having all reservations made in advance eliminates the time it would take at the departure and helps meet the construction zone time frame.
  • The Sequoia Shuttle Visalia route has been limited to no bigger than a 16 passenger vehicle. Many shuttles are full and we would have to make customers wait at least one hour for an available seat.
  • The Visalia route shuttles are designed to integrate with the in-park shuttles in order save on cost. This means one bus is scheduled to leave every hour from the valley and assume an in-park shuttle route/schedule when it arrives. 
  • With each shuttle serving several stops, we need to know if passengers are at each stop to avoid unnecessary stops when no passengers are scheduled.
  • Most Sequoia Shuttle customers want to make a full day of their trip to the park. So we find that, generally speaking, our last bus is likely to have more people than we have seats without the reservation process. Booking both your trip up and back down is the only way we can guarantee you a seat, so that no one gets stranded.
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