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Why is there limited Sequoia Shuttle same day walk up service?
  • Most sales/reservations close at 11 pm the night before the day of travel with some exceptions. This is so that we can give each driver a complete and accurate list of the riders traveling that day. the night before the day of travel with some exceptions.
  • There is no cell phone service and radio communication is limited in Sequoia National Park, so our drivers need to have all the information about the ridership before entering the area of the park. The passenger manifest will have all of the names of individuals who have made reservations and the driver can verify all individuals are accounted for. Same day walk up service customer information would be difficult to communicate to them if arrangements were made that very day.
  • There is some flexibility. We do allow same day walk up service on the 9 am departure shuttle as long as reservations are made by 8 am that day and on 1 pm and 6:30 Return trip, if booked by 11am that day. So please book your travels in advance.
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