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Public Transportation

Motion Sickness
Sequoia Shuttle is a comfortable drive on a windy road. Still, we realize some people are prone to motion sickness more than others. Avoid motion sickness by looking straight ahead out the front window, instead of the side windows. Try arriving to your pick-up location early so you can choose a seat closer to in front of the vehicle upon boarding. Avoid strenuous reading or hand held video games while on board. If you should feel motion sickness while on board, feel free to advise the driver if the sensation becomes unbearable.

Ear Plugging
To avoid the sensation of your ears plugging from altitude and pressure change, try swallowing frequently. For children, try a piece of hard candy, chewing gum, or a pacifier for smaller children.

Cell Phones
There is no cell phone signal in the park, so you may want to make calls before leaving the valley floor.

When transferring to either of the two in-Park shuttle routes, remember to take all the items you brought with you, including trash. If you are bringing luggage with you, please remember luggage space is limited and these items need to be safely stored above your seat in the overhead space.

If you are parking at one of the Shuttle's pick-up locations, search out the signs for the designated parking for the Sequoia Shuttle. Note that regardless of where you leave your vehicle, you should keep all valuables away from plain site and secure all doors and windows. As a courtesy, most locations will allow you to leave your cars parked over night, but you will be leaving your vehicle at your own risk.

Important Reminders
Remember to schedule enough time from your hikes, picnics, and outings to get back in time for your return trip to the valley from the Park. If you should miss your reserved return trip, you may be able to return on a later shuttle on “stand by” pending space availability.

Are there restrooms on board the Sequoia Shuttle?
There are no restrooms on board the shuttles. We have scheduled a restroom stop, for those traveling up to the park, at the Ash Mt. Foot Hill Visitor center. Check park kiosks for restroom information within the park.
Are there shuttles to the airport
There is hourly bus service to the Airport upon request via Route 10. 
Can I bring a back-pack on the Sequoia Shuttle?
Our shuttles are 16 passenger vehicles and have limited space for small backpacks, strollers or other carry-on items. They would be similar to what many airports use to shuttle customers. Please note that the more passengers and the more carry on pieces they bring on the more limited space will become. So go ahead and bring it, if it folds up, but please do not be surprised if the driver asks customers make do with what ever space is available.
Can I bring a bike?
Each bus is equipped with 2 bike racks that are available on a first come, first serve base. Try this link for helpful information. Click Here.
Can I bring an animal?
No animals are allowed on public transportation even if it is tied or caged. The only exception would be if it is a service animal.
Can I bring food on the Sequoia Shuttle?
Yes, you can bring your own food on board. This should not be eaten while riding on the shuttle because of safety issues. It should be stored in an appropriate sealed container. There is limited storage space on board, so a large ice chest would not be appropriate. A small one day picnic size pack would be acceptable. You may bring a beverage that comes with a cap to reseal it and prevent it from spilling.
Can I bring on food?
For both safety and sanitary reason, no food or drinks are allowed on the bus. A driver has the right to ask a passenger to properly dispose of either before allowing a passenger on.
Can I get a Sequoia Shuttle group rate or discount for frequent use?
We have worked hard to make the shuttle service as affordable as possible for everyone and essentially have every one riding at a subsidized or discount rate. No other discounts are available for the 2009 season.
Can I take a bike on the Sequoia Shuttle?
We have room for two bikes per shuttle, but you should note there are certain inherent dangers to riding a bike on a narrow and curvy mountain road. Remember to always obey park safety rules for bikes (try www.nps.gov/seki for more information).
Can I use a scooter?
Currently there are no ADA provisions for motorized scooters. Our wheel chair lifts are only designed to handle the ADA prescribed standard wheel chair.
Can I use a wheelchair?
The short answer is yes. All buses have wheelchair lifts and tie downs. All VCC buses operate in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Can I use the Sequoia Shuttle to get to and/or from Three Rivers?
We want to serve as many people as possible with the use of the Sequoia Shuttle. Although it is designed to get people from Visalia and Three Rivers to Sequoia National Park, we do not exclude customers from going between the two communities. We will have to charge the same $7.50 each way fare for these trips. We would also like to recommend another option to Three Rivers, which is the use of the TCAG transit system. They can be reached at 1-800-431-9711.
Do I get a Sequoia Shuttle discount if I have a Park Pass?
Under the current arrangement shuttle riders will not be charged an additional entry fee to enter the park. The $15 round trip fee is applied to other expenses incurred in operating a shuttle service (e.g. fuel); therefore, it is not related to the NPS entry fee. We do need to gather data about how many riders have a NPS pass, so that we can determine if future discounts are feasible. Drivers will make a brief inquiry about this at some point along the ride.
Do I have to pay for a baby riding the Sequoia Shuttle?
Because space is so limited on-board our 16 passenger vehicles, we have calculated our cost per seat. Therefore, if a seat is used by a customer of any age, there will be a cost. You might decide to carry your baby in your arms (use personal discretion).
Do I need a car seat for the child in the Sequoia Shuttle?
Our shuttles fall under the bus category under state law, so they are not equipped with seat belts. Therefore, car seats cannot be secured and are not required. You might decide to carry your baby in your arms (use personal discretion).
How can I get from Point A to Point B
For information about routes, visit Visalia Transit link below for information about specific stops call 1-877-404-6473. 
How can my child get to school
Visalia City Coach bus routes go by most middle and high schools in Visalia as well as some elementary schools.
How do I read the bus schedules?
Simply find the Time-Point nearest your stop. Read down the list of times to determine what the next closest arrival time for that stop will be. Scroll directly to the right to determine the time it will arrive at the next Time-Point. Transit guides are available at most transit offices.
How do I recover something I lost on the bus?
If a customer has turned it in or a driver has noticed it, it will be turned in at our Operations Facility on 525 N Cain St. You can also call: 559-713-4750.
I need to get a ride to the hospital
For information about routes, visit link below. For information about specific stops call 877-404-6473. 
Is there a Ride Share program
There is a rideshare service called South Valley Rideshare , click link below.
Is there room for Wheel Chairs on the Sequoia Shuttle?
Yes, there is actually room for two wheel chairs per shuttle. As you are making reservations please make note of this in the comments box.
Tell me about Dial a Ride
Dial-A-Ride is a Curb-to-Curb service that compliments the Fixed Route service primarily for ADA eligible riders. To be ADA eligible your disability must prevent you from getting to a Fixed Route bus stop or from boarding a Fixed Route bus. ADA status requires an application with doctor verification. Reservations for ADA riders can be made up to two weeks in advance. For application information call - 713-4100.
Tell me about school buses
The City is served primarily by Visalia Unified School District. They can be reached at 730-7300.
What are the fares
The regular Fixed Route fare is $1.25 or $2.50 for a Day pass.
Seniors/ Disabled/ Medicare card holders fare is - $1.00 or $2.00 for a day pass.  Seniors/Disabled/Medicare fixed route fare 25 cents M-F from 10 am to 2 pm and 6 pm to 10 pm and weekends.  31-day pass is $30.00.
What do I do if I miss/want to change my Sequoia Shuttle bus going up or down?
  • As mentioned before, space is limited on our 16 passenger vehicles. When you reserve a seat, you are preventing some one else from using it. Since our operation cost is calculated per seat used, we need customers to stay committed their booked travel plans. So, unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds on missed travels for any reason.
  • Similar to airlines, there is very limited flexibility for changes, but if you advise us far in advance (greater than 48 hours), we may be able to make some adjustments.
  • If you are wanting to return earlier than you have booked, please note that your scheduled return time is the only shuttle we can guarantee a seat, but if you would like to come earlier or have to leave on a later bus (Return trips only): go to the Giant Forest Museum and advise the driver. They will allow on all those who have scheduled reservations for that trip on first. Then they will allow other travelers, pending space available, on a first come first serve basis. So please plan well.
What forms of public transportation are there in the city.
We have Fixed Route buses that run on major streets on a set route and schedule. We have Dial-A-Ride that provides Curb to Curb transportation to the elderly and disabled. We have the Towne Trolley that serves downtown Visalia. There is Tulare County Area Transit (TCAT) with routes throughout Tulare County. Kings Area Rural Transit (KART) comes from Kings County three times daily. Amtrak has a bus from the Hanford station twice daily. Greyhound serves Visalia and Goshen several times daily.
Where are the bus/subway/light rail stops located
Bus stops are located at various points along each route. For information about routes, visit link below. For information about specific stops call 713-4950. 
Where do I get my Sequoia Shuttle tickets?
There are no actual tickets to pick-up. You should have received a confirmation page via email if you booked your reservations on line. If you did not receive one, please check your SPAM filter to allow it through. The confirmation page and photo ID will be sufficient to get you on board the shuttle. In either case the driver has a rider manifest that tells him exactly who, were and when to pick people up. Please be present 10 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time.
Where is the bus/subway/light rail station
The Visalia Transit Center is located at 425 E. Oak Avenue between Bridge and Santa Fe.
Why do I have to book Sequoia Shuttle reservations?
  • The Sequoia Shuttle operates on a relatively tight schedule. Road construction along the Generals Highway limits the shuttle to once an hour. Having all reservations made in advance eliminates the time it would take at the departure and helps meet the construction zone time frame.
  • The Sequoia Shuttle Visalia route has been limited to no bigger than a 16 passenger vehicle. Many shuttles are full and we would have to make customers wait at least one hour for an available seat.
  • The Visalia route shuttles are designed to integrate with the in-park shuttles in order save on cost. This means one bus is scheduled to leave every hour from the valley and assume an in-park shuttle route/schedule when it arrives. 
  • With each shuttle serving several stops, we need to know if passengers are at each stop to avoid unnecessary stops when no passengers are scheduled.
  • Most Sequoia Shuttle customers want to make a full day of their trip to the park. So we find that, generally speaking, our last bus is likely to have more people than we have seats without the reservation process. Booking both your trip up and back down is the only way we can guarantee you a seat, so that no one gets stranded.
  • Why don't Sequoia Shuttle drivers accept cash?
  • Ridership numbers are very important to us. Using the on line reservation system, whether on your own or through our call center, will give us the accurate numbers we need.
  • Our drivers are required to do several things within a very specific period of time, and in a somewhat isolated environment. For their safety and the safety of the customers we do not make them responsible for dealing with sales of tickets.
  • Why is there limited Sequoia Shuttle same day walk up service?
  • Most sales/reservations close at 11 pm the night before the day of travel with some exceptions. This is so that we can give each driver a complete and accurate list of the riders traveling that day. the night before the day of travel with some exceptions.
  • There is no cell phone service and radio communication is limited in Sequoia National Park, so our drivers need to have all the information about the ridership before entering the area of the park. The passenger manifest will have all of the names of individuals who have made reservations and the driver can verify all individuals are accounted for. Same day walk up service customer information would be difficult to communicate to them if arrangements were made that very day.
  • There is some flexibility. We do allow same day walk up service on the 9 am departure shuttle as long as reservations are made by 8 am that day and on 1 pm and 6:30 Return trip, if booked by 11am that day. So please book your travels in advance.
  • Why isn’t my stop listed?
    There are close to 500 bus stops throughout the VCC service area. Our Transit Guide would be a fairly large and complicated book if we listed them all. Instead “Time-Points” are listed as general indicators of the route taken. Simply determine were your stop lays in relation to the listed Time-Points to find the best place to get on or off.
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