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Can I get a grocery cart picked up?

The City does not provide this service. You can call the store that owns the cart and ask them to pick it up.

Can I get a newspaper rack removed?

Contact the Downtown Visalians at (559) 732-7737.

Can I get a sign for my business?

Contact the Planning Dept at (559) 713-4359 for information and details.

Can I put up a sign for a yard/garage sale?

A sign is allowed to be up in your yard only.

Do I need a license to work from home?

Yes. Contact the Business Tax Division at (559) 713-4326. You also need to apply for a home occupation permit with the Planning Division at (559) 713-4359.

Do I need a permit for a yard/garage sale?

No permit is required.  Only two (2) yard/garage sales are allowed per year for a maximum of three (3) days each.

Do I need a permit to film in the city?

Contact the Planning Division at (559) 713-4359 for information and details.

How do I find out about bidding for city contracts?

Contact the Purchasing Dept. at (559) 713-4333.

How do I transfer my business to a new owner?

Business tax is not transferred but is closed and a new business tax started. Contact the Business Tax Division at (559) 713-4326.

How much does a business license or permit cost?

There are different taxes for each category of business.  For more information about business licensing and a complete fee schedule visit the web at:  Business Tax  or stop in the office at, 315 E. Acequia, (559) 713-4326

I want to buy city surplus goods

City surplus goods are sold through the Tulare County Purchasing Dept. Contact (559) 733-6286.

I want to hold an outdoor / open-air event... do I need a permit?

Varies depending on the event, for Special Event requirements contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (559) 713-7536

I want to sell goods or services at an event in the city.

Contact the Business Tax Division at (559) 713-4326 and or Contact event organizer or the Parks & Recreation Department Special Event Coordinator at (559) 713-4365.

What are my responsibilities for the sidewalk outside my business?

Maintaining the sidewalks, curbs and gutters and drive approaches within the City of Visalia is the sole responsibility of the property owner on whose property the damaged concrete improvements reside.  Those areas are right of way access for the public and are required to be maintained in a safe condition so pedestrians (including handicapped with walkers, wheel chairs etc.) can safely pass by.  For additional information please call the Public Works Customer Service line at 713-4428.

What is a conditional use permit?

Contact the Planning Division at (559) 713-4359.

What is a certificate of occupancy permit?

The Chief Building Official issues a Certificate of Occupancy to certify that a new commercial building has met and satisfied all required City code inspections and is approved for occupancy.

What licenses do I need to start a business?

A City Business Tax Certificate is required; however it is a tax not a license to operate.  Requirements from other regulatory agencies may be needed and is recommended to receive approval prior to applying for a Business Tax Certificate.  Visit the web at: Business Tax or contact the Business Tax Division at 315 E. Acequia, (559) 713-4326.

What programs exist for minority or women owned businesses?

The City of Visalia does not have any programs for minority or women owned businesses.

Where do I get or renew my taxi license?

Contact the Visalia Police Dept. at (559) 713-4222. Fees are $60.

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