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How do I obtain a dumpster?
Call The Customer Care Center at 1-855-203-1315 to get information on and to order a dumpster.
How do I order recycling containers?
Please call the Solid Waste Call Center at 713-4500.
How do I request trash cans?
Call The Customer Care Center at 1-855-203-1315 to get information on and to order additional trash cans, or to place an order for new service.
How much does it cost at the city dump?
The City does not operate the landfill, the County does.  Costs depend on material and weight.  Please call the County dump at 730-2793.  It is located at 33036 rd. 80 at Avenue 328.
I want to report blocked storm drains
During normal working hours please report blocked stormdrains to the Public Works Customer Service line at 713-4428.  After hours (emergencies only) please call 738-2961.
I want to report environmental problems like water, air, sewers , lead, asbestos.
Contact Tulare County Environmental Health at 733-6441.
I want to report illegal dumping
Contact the Non Emergency Police line at 734-8116.
The irrigation system in my street is broken or leaking
Please contact the City of Visalia Urban Forestry Division at (559) 713-4384.
The trees in my street are diseased
Trees on private property are the responsibility of the property owner; however, there are regulations regarding oak trees.  Regarding public right of way trees, please call the City of Visalia Urban Forestry Division at (559) 713-4384 for more information.
What is the street cleaning schedule?
Residential streets are swept once a month.  Please use the link below to lookup you your service day by address.
When is the garbage collection on my street?
Pickup is once a week for the split container and once a week for the green waste container.  Please use the link below for a lookup by address or you may call our Customer Care Center at 1-855-203-1315.
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